ILLiad Staff Manager

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The ILLiad Staff Manager allows you to grant your staff users access and permissions to the ILLiad client and modules. The Staff Manager client is stored in the same location as the ILLiad client. By default this is c:\Program Files (x86)\ILLiad\StaffManager.exe

Before running the ILLiad client, the ILLiad Administrator must log into the Staff Manager and set permissions for all staff that will need access to the ILLiad client.

  • You can create new users quickly by basing their permissions, grids and layout settings on an existing user.
  • You can copy both permissions and client form layout settings from one user and instantly apply them to another existing user.
  • You can allow your ILLiad client staff users to customize their form layouts. The check box for this option is located in the Module Permissions group under Client Access.
  • You can select which modules (Borrowing, Lending, Document Delivery) a staff user can access and whether the user will have only Read access, Write access, or both. This is done in the Module Permissions group by checking the appropriate boxes.
  • You can specify if you want a user to be able to access the ILLiad client and you can decide whether or not to give that user the right to log into the web as a user and access OCLC Resource Sharing Settings as well as set Transaction Permissions.


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