Resubmit Unfilled Requests to OCLC

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Open the Request

  1. Double-click the Awaiting Unfilled Processing status in the Borrowing Requests Group.
  2. A list of transactions currently at the Awaiting Unfilled Processing status opens. 
  3. Double-click to open the transaction Request form.

View the Request History

The OCLC Reason For No history associated with a specific transaction displays on the Holdings tab under the OCLC tab of the Borrowing Request form. The Previous Requests box in the lower right corner shows the OCLC request number, lender symbol and Reason for No. If the transaction has been sent multiple times, all Reason For No information for each time the transaction has been sent will display in the form.

Resubmit Requests on OCLC

There is no need to cancel the initial OCLC request or to use the Import into Resubmission button. These steps are now built into the automated resubmission process. 

The cancellation of the OCLC request will only happen automatically in the Awaiting Unfilled Request Processing queue. Re-ordering from any other queue will require deleting the OCLC request manually.

  1. Open the OCLC tab on the tab bar
  2. Use the Holdings button to create a new lending string. The system will create a new string of lenders that were not used in the previous request.
  3. Verify or edit the lending string as desired then click Create Workform.
  4. Verify or edit the workform and click Send Request. The system will remove the previous OCLC request and create a new one with the new lending string. Information regarding both OCLC requests will be retained on the same ILLiad transaction.
  5. Click Request Sent to complete ILLiad processing.

If Additional Searching is Required

If the Unfilled request does not contain any additional potential lender symbols, you will need to select a different bibliographic record for your new OCLC request. Choose the Searching tab to perform a new search and process as you would for a new request.


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