Dealing with Holiday Closures

As we move from Pumpkin Spice to Gingerbread Latte season, here's a few hints of how to help manage your ILLiad workflow during holiday closures.

Lender Supplier Status

  • Change your status on OCLC to non-supplier for days that you are closed. As a non-supplier, borrowers will not be able to add your symbol to their new requests and existing request with your symbol in the string will be deflected. It will not affect any requests that have been downloaded into ILLiad and updated to Considering.

Changing Lending Due Dates

  • You may want to change the default lending due dates for materials to avoid a backlog of materials when you return. 
  • You can only set a flat value which is added to the current date to create a due date. Consequently, you will have to change the key temporarily and change it back to your current default when it starts adding due dates that are after your closure. Also note that this date is added when the request is initially downloaded vs. when you update to Mark Found, so it won't affect the due date of any existing requests. 
  • You can change the default due date with the LendingDueDateDays key in the Customization Manager. 
    • If you are in a shared server environment, select your site from the button drop-down in the upper left of the ribbon.
    • Open Lending | Searching | LendingDueDateDays 
    • Change the value in the right window
    • Click the Save button in the ribbon

Hold Request Processing for Borrowing

The Hold Request feature allows you to move requests from Awaiting Request Processing to a holding status for processing after you return from the holiday. This is a manual process activated when you open the request and route to the Hold Request status. While it can't be activated automatically, it can be helpful for back-up staff to use if borrowing processes are delayed due to staff vacations. It also displays a Hold status on the web so that users are aware of the processing delay. 

Web Alerts

You can add a message about your closures or modified hours to the alerts feed on your web pages from the ILLiad client--no HTML required!

What suggestions do you have to help ease your return to work after all of your holiday festivities?




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