Easy Fix: Copyright fields are duplicated in ILLiad when using a constant data record containing copyright data, resulting in an error message.

Recently, we've seen some discussion about ILLiad and the Copyright field of the OCLC Workform.  A number of users have reported receiving an error “[CopyrightCompliance] Invalid…” when submitting a request.  The specific issue is that the Copyright field is being populated with an incorrect CCLCCG, CCLCCL, or some other variation instead of just CCL or CCG.  

Why is this happening?  When you go to submit a request to OCLC, ILLiad will fill in the Copyright field with CCG or CCL based on the date of publication, with CCG being 5 years or less and CCL being over 5 years.  You should not have to do anything, ILLiad will make the calculation for you. You can change this value if necessary.

However, if you have an entry in your OCLC Constant Data, ILLiad appends the copyright compliance entry to the one from your Constant Data, resulting in an incorrect entry.  For example if you have CCL in your Constant Data the Copyright field will end up with CCLCCL or CCLCCG, depending on the date of publication.  Previously this has not caused an error, although you were possibly sending the wrong copyright compliance entry with some of your requests.  That appears to have changed recently and OCLC will now throw an error if this field is incorrectly filled in.

One suggested workaround is to manually edit the Copyright field on the workform to remove the unwanted or duplicate value.  However, you don't have to keep doing this manually. To fix the extra CCL or CCG showing in the workform's Copyright field for ALL REQUESTS:

  1. Open up the System ribbon and go to Resource Sharing Settings.
  2. Click the Constant Data tab.
  3. Select the blank white space next to where it says "Name" to see the dropdown list of saved CDs.
  4. Select each and ensure that the Copyright Compliance field is blank. Also make sure that the Shipped Date is set to -0 (or it will not retain changes).
  5. Hit Save.
  6. Repeat for any other CDs in that dropdown list.
  7. Restart the client and retry. This should fix the issue.

With  this minor change, ILLiad can do the work for you and you will no longer see errors.  We suggest that the best solution is to simply remove any entry from the Copyright Compliance field in your OCLC Constant Data.  For more information on how to configure your OCLC Constant Data to work correctly with ILLiad, please refer to our documentation at https://support.atlas-sys.com/hc/en-us/articles/360011907373-Configuring-Constant-Data

Thanks to Kerry Keegan and John Brunswick for researching and putting the above information together!  Please contact your support representative for help editing OCLC Constant Data.  




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