Configuring Constant Data

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This article only applies to ILLiad version 9.0 and any previous versions. As of ILLiad 9.1, the OCLC Resource Sharing Settings interface was removed from within the client (the interface used to change Custom Holdings Paths, Custom Holdings Groups, Constant Data, and Direct Request Profiles) and replaced it with a button that links out to the OCLC Interface where the updated settings can be located.

There are several keys that set the constant data when the ILLiad Connection Manager runs to perform updates and downloads. These keys are located in the Customization Manager under System | OCLC and are:

  • OCLCAutomaticSendingArticleCD
  • OCLCAutomaticSendingLoanCD
  • OCLCILLArticleCD
  • OCLCILLConnectionManagerCDBorrowing
  • OCLCILLConnectionManagerCDLending

These keys are used ONLY by Shared Server institutions when multiple libraries that are otherwise separate entities share an OCLC symbol. They specify which set of constant data the ILLiad Connector should use for sites that share OCLC symbols. This information is used for updating Lending (for Return To fields etc.) and for sending out on Borrowing (Ship To fields etc.).

Ctrl+Up Move the selected field up one level in the list
Ctrl+Down Move the selected field down one level in the list
Ctrl+Home Move the selected field to the top of the list
Ctrl+End Move the selected field to the bottom of the list

Tip- OCLC Constant Data Settings Needed for ILLiad

You will need to make several changes to your constant data settings within OCLC in order for your Connection Manager to function properly. You can edit these through the OCLC Resource Sharing Settings option within the ILLiad Client. These changes are necessary for any constant data used by a site for updating within the Connection Manager. In shared server installations, each site can designate a constant data to use for sending and receiving requests from within the Customization Manager under System | OCLC.

Please note that a DEFAULT Constant Dataset is required by the ILLiad Connection Manager unless your OCLCILLConnectionManagerCDBorrowing and/or OCLCILLConnectionManagerCDLending keys are set to some other Constant Dataset.

Check the following values in your constant data. These are the ones needed for ILLiad. Others may be recommended or necessary for OCLC sending to function but are not specific to ILLiad.

Required Changes

  • Shipped Date: The value should be "-0" so that when responding Yes to requests, the status changes to Will Ship instead of Will Supply. ILLiad does not use Will Supply for updating filled requests.
  • Return To: You cannot update Loans to Yes without supplying a Return To address in OCLC.

Optional Changes

  • Patron fields: These should be blank. ILLiad will fill out the Patron field with the customer's name by default and append it to whatever is in the field already. You can edit what is put in that OCLC field by editing the WorkFormMapping table.
  • Due Date: This value can be left blank. If you put in a default value such as +30, the date created maybe will be overwritten by the due date from ILLiad or N/A for articles.
  • Lending Charges: This value should be blank. ILLiad will enter any charges and add IFM tags for those items billed via IFM.

All other borrowing fields for the OCLC workform will be filled out using the WorkFormMapping table or the Connection Manager when performing the updates.






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