The ArticleExchangeTrusted Key in the Customization Manager

Similar to the OdysseyAutoElecDel key, there is an ArticleExchangeTrusted key in the ILLiad Customization Manager that allows electronically delivered items to be delivered to patrons without any staff intervention.  Having the key value set to Always is considered current best practice, and not just because it saves staff time.  It will also lower your turnaround time.  Items received electronically overnight or on the weekend do not have to wait on any action by the staff - they are immediately available to your patrons.

To check if your key is set to Always open the Customization Manager and go to System, Article Exchange, ArticleExchangeTrusted.  The three possible values are Always, Never, and Trusted.  If the value is not what you want, enter the correct one under Key Value and click the Save icon under editing options. 

For more information on the ArticleExchangeTrusted key you can refer to the ILLiad Documentation at




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