Upcoming Client Release on 7/5

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On Wednesday June 14th, 2023, Atlas Systems released a Server, Web Page, and Client update. This update includes updating the browser components to WebView2 (only available for v9.2.x users), Docline scripts, security fixes, integration with three different Captcha challenge providers to provide an extra security against bot-driven account creation tools, and several other improvements.

We temporary pulled the client release due to an issue caused by a third-party underlying component that was not discovered during testing. We have resolved this issue and will be releasing the client update again on Wednesday (7/5/23).

Please note, this minor release includes an update to the browser. If you have any custom or 3rd party developed addons, I highly recommend reading the article here: https://support.atlas-sys.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/10878381554707-Upcoming-ILLiad-WebView2-update-and-the-impact-on-3rd-party-client-addons.


Updating Procedures

Please review the release notes and contact your hosting provider with any questions.

Note: The 9.2 client release includes a Docline scripts update. NLM Docline no longer supports IE 11, which is used by the ILLiad 9.1 integration with Docline. While scripts may continue to work, website script errors may appear. We suggest upgrading to v9.2 of ILLiad as soon as possible for sites using Docline integration in ILLiad

Server Update:

  • OCLC Hosted: Please contact OCLC support to schedule the update.
  • Atlas Systems Hosted: Hosting services will be sending a separate email to coordinate the update.
  • Self-hosted: Please review the updating instructions to run the ILLiad Server automatic updater.

Client Update

  • There is no associated client update for 9.1.x users. 9.2.x users will receive a prompt to update as soon as the new version is released.

Web Page Update:



For additional details on the update, please see the release notes below for your current version.

ILLiad 9.2:

ILLiad 9.1:


Please forward this message internally as needed. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message or contact support@atlas-sys.com.



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