Configuring Item Cleanup

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The customization keys for Item Cleanup are configured in the Ares Customization Manager under System | Item Cleanup. To turn on the Item Cleanup function and enable the system to remove expired electronic items from the web interface, set the ItemCleanupEnabled key to Yes.

Turning On Item Cleanup

Turning on Item Cleanup will enable Ares to remove expired electronic Items from the web interface.

  1. In the Ares Customization Manager, navigate to System | Item Cleanup | ItemCleanupEnabled.
  2. Change the value to Yes.
  3. Click Save.

In versions before Ares 4.5, you could delete certain Items with the ItemFileCleanupAction key even if the ItemCleanupEnabled key was set to No. This key no longer exists in Ares, and to continue to delete Items the ItemCleanupEnabled key must be set to Yes.

Other Item Cleanup Settings

The following customization keys will allow you to set additional Item Cleanup settings. All of these keys are found in the Ares Customization Manager under System | Item Cleanup.


Setting this key to Yes will force the Ares System Manager to run an off-schedule item cleanup within one minute, after which this key will be reset to No.


The time of day the System Manager will perform its daily item cleanup.

ItemFileCleanupDelete Setting this key to Yes causes the System Manager to delete the files of items which have passed their inactive date.


Number of days to wait past the item's inactive date before deleting based on the ItemFileCleanupDelete setting.


Enables/Disables orphan file cleanup. If this is enabled the System Manager will clean up orphaned files every day at the specified time in the ItemOrphanFileCleanupRunTime key. Orphaned files are files that have been removed from the Items table but still have an entry in the ElectronicFiles table.

Setting to Yes will force it to run an off-schedule orphan file cleanup within one minute, after which this key will be reset to No.

Specifies the time of day when the orphan file cleanup will run.


How often in minutes the Ares System Manager should check for Items pending activation that should be made available and Items reaching inactive date that should be made unavailable.

Starting with Ares 4.5, the ItemFileCleanupAction and ItemFileCleanupMoveTo customization keys are no longer used.


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