Link Checker

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The Link Checker is a maintenance function controlled by the System Manager. It runs once daily, usually when the System Manager starts. If the Link Checker is enabled, the system manager looks for items that are active or have an activation pending (Item Available on Electronic Reserves or Item Activation Pending) with a web link pointing to a resource on the internet. When it finds an item, it attempts to reach the resource to which the web link points to verify that it is valid. Items that fail this link check display as errors in the Link Checker form. You can make corrections to links by opening the Item form quickly from this form.

By default, the system manager checks only new, modified or failed links when it runs. It can be configured to recheck all links. When Link Checker runs again, items with a corrected URL link are dropped from the form. Items picked up as errors display the latest runtime (status time) and error descriptions (HTTP code and HTTP description). Marking a record with the Retry button places it under the Retry tab, which serves as an easy way for reserves staff to monitor which links have been corrected. If an item remains in the Retry tab after the link checker has run, the link is still invalid.





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