Processing Alert Messages

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OCLC's Alert category allows lenders to add an alert for the borrower to a request from within OCLC. Alerts are downloaded along with the rest of the OCLC Borrowing download each time the ILLiad Connection Manager performs that function. The Alert displays in the Alert field of the OCLC Request form, and as an Alert in OCLC Statuses.

Viewing OCLC Alerts Messages

When the request is received by the borrower via the connection manager, the request is present both in the status category (i.e, Shipped) and the Alert category of OCLC Statuses. The connection manager transfers the alert to the Alert field on the OCLC Request form and adds the value of the Alert field as a note type "OCLC Alert" to the Notes section of the ILLiad Request form.

Processing Alerts Messages

A connection manager error notifies borrowing staff that there is an alert on the request. When the OCLC status of the request is changed, the request is removed from the Alert category.

Viewing OCLC Alert Notes

Lenders can also add an OCLC Alert note to a request by using the Note field on the ILLiad Request form and selecting the "OCLC Alert" note type from the dropdown list. The note is displayed in the Notes section of the ILLiad Request form and is added to the OCLC Request form when the request is processed by the lender.



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