Adding ALA Lending Requests

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Search for the institution for which you wish to add a request manually by using the Search Addresses section of the Home Ribbon on the Main Page of the ILLiad Client. This will bring up the Search Address Results grid. Click on the Lender that you want to work with on the grid to open the Lender Address Form. This form will open automatically if you search for the full Lender Symbol, as there is only one match.

If you do not find the institution via search, you can add it by clicking the Address icon in the New section of the Lending Ribbon on the Main Page.

To add a request:

  1. Click the Add Request icon in the Manage section of the ribbon on the Lender Address Form.
  2. A new Request Form opens.
  3. Fill in all relevant information for the request. Be certain to choose the correct Request Type (Article or Loan) and Doc Type (the drop-down field below Shipping Options).
  4. Check that the correct Borrower is listed in the Other Information section.
  5. Click Save.

The request will be moved to Awaiting Lending Request Processing and can now be processed using standard workflows.







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