Submitting Items via OpenURL in the Ares Client

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Using the Submit via OpenURL button in the Ares client, staff Users can request Items from other library databases and external systems directly through Ares without having to fill in request information manually. The Submit via OpenURL feature works with ILLiad and any other external system that accepts OpenURL and can be configured to include multiple destinations selected via a dropdown list. Ares supports all configurations of OpenURL and is highly customizable for different OpenURL sources. Configurations will need to be made to the OpenURLMapping and OpenURLDestinations tables. See Configuring OpenURL Mapping and Destinations for more information.

Configuring the OpenURLDestinations Table

The OpenURL destination options and routing status are configured via entries in the OpenURLDestinations table, located in the Ares Customization Manager under Web | OpenURL. This table is empty by default, so entries must be added to the table in order to use the Submit via OpenURL feature.

  1. In the Ares Customization Manager, navigate to Web | OpenURL | OpenURLDestinations.
  2. Click New Record to add a new entry.
  3. Fill in the DestinationDestination URL, and Destination Status values. See Configuring OpenURL Mapping and Destinations for more details.
  4. Click Save.

If there are no entries in the OpenURLDestinations table, the Submit via OpenURL button will not be displayed on the Item form in the Ares client.

Configuring the OpenURLMapping Table

The OpenURL parameters for item field values are controlled by the OpenURLMapping table, located in the Ares Customization Manager. The values in this table are set up by default as part of your Ares installation. For more information about this table, see Configuring OpenURL Mapping and Destinations.

Ares uses the following fields to build a URL from an Ares Item:

  1. The ReverseSubstitute:genre action maps an Item's ItemFormat field to an OpenURL genre. The Article, Book, and Book Chapter formats are supported by default. The Submit via OpenURL button is enabled only if an Items ItemFormat is a value in the table.
  2. The ReverseSubstitue:format action determines which fields from an Item should be included in the OpenURL request.
  3. The ReverseReplace entries will map those Item fields to their OpenURL equivalents.

Using the Submit via OpenURL Feature

  1. From within the Item form, click the Submit via OpenURL button.
  2. Select the external system from the button dropdown list.
  3. The URL for the external system opens in your default browser and the item status changes to reflect the appropriate status for this URL.
  4. Log into the external system if required.
  5. The appropriate form for the external submission appears, e.g., ILLiad Book Request form, and is populated with the OpenURL values for the requested item.
  6. Complete the item request via the external system, e.g., click the "Submit Request" button on the ILLiad Book Request form.


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