Display Status Examples

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Display Statuses allow you to display alternate wording on the ILLiad web pages for ILLiad transaction statuses/queues to alleviate confusion for your patrons. This is easily done with a mapping table in the ILLiad Customization Manager.

Do NOT add asterisks to the DisplayStatuses table. Any asterisks added will be interpreted as a part of the regular expression for that field. 

The TransactionStatus value that is entered in the DisplayStatuses table can be a direct match of an actual Transaction Status (like "Awaiting Request Processing"). If a direct match is entered, the WebDisplayStatus will display on the web pages instead of the TransactionStatus.

For more complicated situations, regular expressions can be used. See Testing Regular Expressions for links to resources about regular expressions.

Using Regular Expressions

You can use static text to create an alias, such as:

ID NVTGC ProcessType TransactionStatus WebDisplayStatus
1 ILL Borrowing Request Sent Waiting for Lender

But in many cases, you need to be more specific, and you can use regular expressions. Some examples:

ID NVTGC ProcessType TransactionStatus WebDisplayStatus
3 ILL Borrowing Request Held Until (.+) Held until $1

In this case, if the ILLiad transaction status was "Request Held Until 9/1/2015," the user would see "Held until 9/1/2015" on the web pages.

If you don't want to display the specific date the request is held until, you could keep the TransactionStatus as "Request Held Until (.+)" but make the WebDisplayStatus  "Held until Later."

ID NVTGC ProcessType TransactionStatus WebDisplayStatus
4 ILL Borrowing (Awaiting?)(.+) Processing $1 Some Super $2 Magic

In this case, if the ILLiad transaction status was "Awaiting Request Processing" or "Awaiting Faculty Processing" or any other similar status, the user would see "Awaiting Some Super Request Magic" on the web pages.

Note: If you really want a $1 value to show it can be done by using \$1.


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