Addons Recently Updated to Use the Chromium Browser

Hello ILLiad Community!

I hope you’re doing well and staying safe! Atlas has been very busy working on the 9.2 release. We hope to announce the official release date soon! Our development team has also managed to update a few addons to support the new Chromium Browser since Internet Explorer is being depreciated.

Note: some of these addons no longer support the version of Chromium from the previous update. Details can be found here: 

Updated Addons

Amazon Book Search

We’ve converted the Amazon Book Search addon to use Chromium instead of IE and added a couple of handy settings. It works the same as before, but now there are settings to determine whether Kindle prices and used book prices should be imported. Also, just a reminder as of 9.1 this addon is no longer installed by default.

Google Search

Atlas has updated the Google Search addon to use Chromium; We also added a button to open the URL in a default browser outside of the client so that the user can have all of their standard tools available to them (like download a PDF which is currently a limitation in the default Chromium-based browser's PDF Viewer).

Additional Addons Updated by IDS Project

 The IDS Project has converted the following addons to use the Chromium browser:

Additional Notes

One other thing to clarify since I know we’re asked this question a lot. When we say Chromium, we mean the addons use an instance of the Chromium browser. Most people think we mean Chrome which is also built on Chromium. You do not need to have the Chrome browser installed to utilize any addons built with the updated Chromium browser.

Looking to Update a Custom Addon Yourself

For anyone who has custom-built addons and would like to set the default browser to Chromium in the addon, you'll need to use the CreateBrowser method mentioned in the FormInterface Documentation. For example, see the ILLiad GOBI Addon code snippet below:

function Init()
 if GetFieldValue("Transaction", "RequestType") == "Loan" then
  interfaceMngr = GetInterfaceManager();
  --Create Form
  GOBISearchForm.Form = interfaceMngr:CreateForm("GOBI", "Script");
-- Create browser

  GOBISearchForm.Browser = GOBISearchForm.Form:CreateBrowser("GOBI Search", "GOBI Search Browser", "GOBI Search", "Chromium");
  -- Hide the text label
  GOBISearchForm.Browser.TextVisible = false;

  -- Since we didn't create a ribbon explicitly before creating our browser, it will have created one using the name we passed the CreateBrowser method.  We can retrieve that one and add our buttons to it.
  GOBISearchForm.RibbonPage = GOBISearchForm.Form:GetRibbonPage("GOBI Search");
  -- Imports price from first Item in list.
  GOBISearchForm.RibbonPage:CreateButton("Search ISBN", GetClientImage("Search32"), "SearchISBN", "GOBI Search");
  GOBISearchForm.RibbonPage:CreateButton("Search Title", GetClientImage("Search32"), "SearchTitle", "GOBI Search");
  GOBISearchForm.RibbonPage:CreateButton("Import Price", GetClientImage("Search32"), "PullPrice", "GOBI Search");



If you have any additional questions, see the Chromium Documentation or contact

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Phone: 757-439-0208
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