Help with Odyssey Conversion Failures

Recently, our support group has seen an uptick in issues where pdfs will fail conversion via Odyssey processing. Patrons see these documents as blank pages. The best work around we have for any PDFs that ILLiad cannot handle is to pull the original received file out of the \ILLiad\ElecDel\Received folder on the Odyssey processing workstation and deliver it to the patron some method other than ILLiad/Odyssey such as emailing it to the patron as an attachement. Another option for you may be printing the original PDF in that folder to a new PDF using the "Print to PDF" option and trying to deliver that new PDF via Odyssey.

Our development team is continuing to look into these problems, but here are a few tips that have been helpful for other ILLiad libraries.

  • Update the Odyssey Manager to 9.1.2 via an ILLiad server update. This may be different than your Client version. You can check the server version by going to the Main Menu (3 lines/bars) in the top left of the ILLiad client, select Options then Resources and check the version of the Odyssey Manager. The most recent version is 9.1.2. Request a server update from your hosting group.

  • Disable the Odyssey Coversheet--Problems with the document may result from the process that adds the coversheet to Odyssey documents. You can disable this function by removing the file path and name from the keys in Odyssey -- Coversheets in the Customization Manager: DocDelPDFCoverSheetFileName, DocDelPDFCoverSheetLocation, OdysseyPDFCoverSheetFileName, OdysseyPDFCoverSheetLocation
  • Since the coversheet is often used for Copyright disclaimers, we recommend adding a copyright disclaimer to the ILLiad web pages on any non-returnable submission form (Article, Book Chapter, etc.). You might also consider adding the disclaimer to the main menu page (ILLiad 9.1 web pages) or the  can also be included as part of the registration process or on the Electronically Received Articles page (ILLiad 9.0 and earlier web pages). 



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