ILLiad Power Up: All Things Electronic Delivery

The recording for the ILLiad Power Up: All Things Electronic Delivery presentation on May 20, 2020 is now available:

Here are the questions with answers that were submitted during the presentation. Questions regarding unique workflows were answered directly with the individual. Some questions were edited for typos and clarity.

In Manual ED not always Delete option available (to remove cover page). Why?
Why can you edit (crop, etc.) some documents in Electronic Delivery but not others?

  • Editing functionality is only available for TIFF document types. If the lending library sends the document as a pdf, these editing features will not be available.

If I receive Article Exchange information by email, I should be able to go into the Illiad record and check it instead of downloading it correct?

  • You can check in with the Article Exchange on the Check in from Lending Library by adding the URL and Password in the fields in the center of that form rather than on the request form. The system will download and deliver the article for you.

For Odyssey Cover Sheet, is there a place in Customization Manager to turn that on or off?

  • There isn’t an on/off key in the Customization Manager, but configuring the directory keys in the Odyssey | Coversheet section will enable the coversheet. Removing those configurations will disable it.

Is there a size limit for Electronic Delivery? Sometime my ILLiad will crash when the document file is to large.

  • Contact support if you running into this issue.
  • One colleague suggested: If the file is too big - print in PDF. It will significantly decrease the size.

The video recording will be posted soon. 




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