Using the ILLiad AutoRenewals Server Addon

To assist you as you navigate times of extended closures and lack of access to physical materials, Atlas released the ILLiad AutoRenewals Server Addon to alleviate some of the repetitive work around renewals.

Here are some additional details on how this Addon works and answers to some questions that have come up recently:

The Addon runs on any requests added to the Renewal Requested. Renewed by Customer to mm/dd/yyyy or Renewed by ILL Staff to mm/dd/yyyy queues. It will automatically send the OCLC renewal request and return the request to Checked Out to Customer status. You will still need process the renewal response from the lending library as before you have before.  

Here is a screen shot of the request history of a borrowing renewal request that was processed by the Addon:


The Addon sends the OCLC renewal Yes response to any requests that come into the Awaiting Renewal Request Processing queue. Requests will then be returned to the Item Shipped queue. The Addon can be configured to use your default renewal due date or you can provide an override for all new due dates (e.g. all requests renewed until 6/1/2020).  

Here is a screen shot of the request history of a borrowing renewal request that was processed by the Addon:


Are all borrowing renewal requests automatically sent to OCLC for processing, including items due for a second or third renewal?
ILLiad only supports the first for borrowing renewal, so the new Addon will only send the first renewal request. 

Is there a way in which I can see a list of lending requests that were renewed by the Addon so I can update the due date in our LMS/circulation system?

Here's a video demo of how you can track down the lending requests have renewed automatically:

Is it possible to proactively extend the OCLC due dates items on the requests in Item Shipped status?

The ILLiad due date and the OCLC due date are stored separately in separate systems. Consequently, the OCLC due date cannot be updated unless a renewal is requested. 




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