AEON requests are ending in wrong queue

Hello.  We have a plugin that processes requests and submits them to AEON (aeon.dll)

The plugin passes values via post data to AEON.  The relevant part of my data looks like this:

<input type="hidden" name="FORMSTATE" value="....


However, when the request is created, it places it into the "Awaiting User Review" queue when I would expect it to place it in the "Awaiting Request Processing" queue since the UserReview=No value was set.  Any thoughts on what I would need to pass for it to end up in the proper queue?  I tried adding "StateCode" to assign it to the desired queue but it had no effect.

My specific question is: What parameters do I need to pass to aeon.dll in order for it to place it in a queue of my choice?



  • Hi Dee Dee,

    Are you using this plugin? If so, the requests from ArchivesSpace go to the Awaiting User Review queue by design. We use the Keep in Review/Saved for Later page as a shopping cart for the ASpace requests. Patrons can submit as many requests as desired from ASpace to Aeon and then they can choose to submit them for paging. There is currently no way to change the submittal behavior.

    We do recognize that this is not always the desired behavior and we are planning to work on an alternate option for submittal from the plugin.

    For now, some sites have handled this by creating a rule for requests that come from ArchivesSpace to route directly to Awaiting Request Processing. While others have added text to the Keep in Review page to indicate that patrons need to submit their requests for paging. I'd be happy to work with you on either option. Please feel free to send me an email at if you have any questions.




    Katie Gillespie

    Special Collections & Archives Program Manager

    Atlas Systems – Library excellence through efficiency

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  • We are using our own plugin:

    Disclaimer: I did not write it so I don't know the whole background on it but I think it is based off of the one you mentioned. 

    I would like to modify our plugin to route directly to Awaiting Request Processing if you can suggest how to do this.


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  • Thanks, Dee Dee. I'll send you an email so we can discuss further.


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