Best Practice for Manually Adding a Lender Address Record

If you receive lending requests from small libraries via email or your lending web pages, you probably have had occasion to add a Lender Address record in order to track those requests in ILLiad. 

You can manually add a Lender Address record from the Lending ribbon by clicking the Address button on the far left.

This button will open a blank record for you to add the library information. Symbol and Shipping Address are required fields. 

BEST PRACTICE: When creating a symbol for these records, use one that is 4 characters long. Symbols for OCLC are either 3 or 5 characters, DOCLINE library symbols are 6, Rapid symbols always start with RAPID. So if you use 4-character symbols for these ad hoc records, you won't accidentally create a record for symbol that is already in use by another library that you might receive a request from in the future.

After completing the record, you can save it with the Save icon in the top left of the record form. The Add Request button will then be active for you to add the Lending request for the new library.




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