Aeon request links in Digital Collections

Hi Colleagues,

I'd be interested in talking with/hearing from anyone who has added request links into your digital collections public interfaces (or is thinking of doing so!). I'm vaguely aware of successful integrations with ContentDM. We have a locally created, open source DAMS and in-house developers and I'm sure some of the implementation considerations are different depending on what your DAMS is, but I'd still be really interested in talking with anyone who's done this work - or is beginning to think about it - regardless of your particular system environment. I welcome any and all leads, and thank you all in advance!

I'm beginning to think more seriously about:

  • what should be on the form
  • how to integrate a request option into a page that may also have download or embed options (.e.g. high res order ($) vs low res download) and in light of this sometimes being the  case,
  • how to integrate a request option for items that have rights restrictions, and download is not an option - request is the only choice.
  • what queues make sense to set up, and what autorouting type things might make sense for both options above
  • smart ways to include this request button given not all things in our DAMS are special collections-derived, and won't all need/want an Aeon link
  • also perhaps considering how to avoid problems when these digital objects are harvested by our regional, and DPLA aggregators
  • where/how you added in-context explanation for all of this on your web pages,
  • and the probably 55 other things I haven't yet considered.


UC San Diego Special Collections & Archives




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