We aren't getting any lending requests--What should we do?

If you feel like ILLiad is not importing any lending requests from OCLC, you can start troubleshooting by checking the Connection Manager to see if it is running. The Connection Manager is the service on the ILLiad server that communicates information between ILLiad and OCLC. While you may not be able to fix the problem yourself, these steps will let you know that there is a problem and allow you better communication with the people who manage your ILLiad server. 

If you double-click on Connection Manager in the System group, it will open the Connection Manager window.

Check the upper left of that window to see if the Connection Manager has been running. You'll see 3 times listed in the box--when the Connection Manager started that day, the last time it ran, and the next time it is scheduled to run. If you see that it hasn't run in the last 10 minutes, there is a problem, and you'll want to contact your Server Admin to re-start the ILLiad Connection Manager service on the server. 





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