Copyright Query Error

Do you see this error message each time you open the Copyright processing queue and think "I'm not sure what this message, but it doesn't cause a problem if I just click through this and continue processing."

So first things first--

If you are getting error messages routinely, please contact your support representative. Even if you can just click through and go on with your work, the error may be a symptom of an other problem. We don't want you having to deal with unnecessary clicking and false errors.

This particular error is the result a Customization Manager setting in the Copyright Query key. This setting is used to change the default search used to populate the Journal Title list in the Copyright Clearance work space. ILLiad's default search creates a list of titles is based on the CONTU guidelines/Rule of 5 when your request totals have reached the tipping point for those journals. Some institutions want to change the variables on that search. This keys allows them to configure ILLiad to create the Journal Title list based on different variables in a search string that is held in a separate file

To resolve this error, you need to find out if your institution is indeed using an alternate search to create your Journal Title list. If so, the error is an indicator that the file with the search string is missing. The error message references the file and folder where ILLiad is looking for that alternate search. (In this example, the file copyright.txt should be in C:\Program Files (x86)\ILLiad\.) Check with another staff member to get a copy of that file from another computer that is not getting the error. Then save it to the folder designated in the error. 

If your institution no longer uses an alternate search or if you want to return to the default search, you can go to the Customization Manager to change the Copyright Query setting. Follow this in the Navigation Tree: Borrowing--> Copyright --> CopyrightQuery. Delete the word File from this key and click the Save button.





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