Anonymous call slips - How do you organize your holding area?

I'm curious if anyone has their call slips formatted to not print out the users' name. Ours currently do and we use the names to alphabetize our hold shelves and know what to pull when someone comes in.

I'm thinking about how to anonymize the call slips and perhaps use the transaction numbers to organize the hold shelf and know what to pull for a user when they come into the reading room.

Thinking about privacy when multiple users request the same item and we end up with multiple call slips paired with an item got me thinking about this. So did being able to simply recycle call slips from completed transactions instead of having to shred them.

Does anyone use call slips without names on them? What method do you use to organize materials that have been pulled and are on hold for users?



  • Hi, Ayat. This is something I'm currently looking into as well, as we regularly have multiple user holds on a single item and are trying to balance patron privacy with ease of retrieval, hold organization, and check-out. Would you mind sharing what you did with the slips and the hold shelf organization?  

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  • Hi Daniel. Right now what we do is when patron A comes in to use an item that is also on hold for patron B, the person staffing the reading room pulls the slip for B from the item and just keeps it at the desk until patron A is done with the item for the day. When patron A is done, the slip for patron B is put back in the item. The problem is that when staff rotate or the reading room gets busy, it can be easy to know or forget to put the slip for B back in the item.

    We haven't implemented a new method yet with anonymous call slips. We're waiting for the semester to end so we can try the new system at a time that's less busy.

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