Development Prioritization Survey for ArchivesSpace Community Members

Hello everyone,

The Development Prioritization subteam would like feedback on the future of ArchivesSpace from members of the ArchivesSpace community. (Refer to this list: if you are not sure of your institution's membership status. You can learn more about community membership here: 

Please see the message below about the survey:



The Development Prioritization subteam is pleased to share a development prioritization survey with you! The goal of this survey is to inform the Development Prioritization subteam and Program Team of areas of the application that ArchivesSpace member institutions want prioritized for development in the next 2-3 years.** 

Please share your feedback!

Please fill out the survey if you have any thoughts on which areas of ArchiveSpace should be prioritized in development. We will be extremely grateful for your participation by Wednesday, November 20

As always, please feel free to vote, comment, and create JIRA tickets with ideas on how to propel the program forward.

Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns!

Lydia Tang and Maggie Hughes, on behalf of the Development Prioritization subteam


** Small print: Please note that this survey does not include sections of the ArchivesSpace application that are not under the purview of the Development Prioritization subteam in its work with the ArchivesSpace Program Team, which include User and Technical Documentation, Integrations, Testing, and Metadata Standards. Additionally, the Agents Module of ArchivesSpace is not included in this survey as there is considerable work happening on this section of the application to provide better standards support -- a release with that work is expected in the next 6 months.




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