New ArchivesSpace Import Excel Plugin available

Many of you use the Harvard ArchivesSpace Import Excel Plugin, which allows you to import component records into a collection-level resource record. Information about the Harvard plugin can be found here: 

Now Tufts University has released a new version of the plugin. Here is the announcement:


Hello, all,

This message may be of interest to those who use, or are considering, the aspace-import-excel plugin (

Tufts University Digital Collections and Archives is pleased to announce the release of a new version of the aspace-import-excel plugin, with the enhancements listed below. This work was funded by Tufts Digital Collections and Archives, with specifications and testing coordinated by Tufts Collection Management Archivist Adrienne Pruitt and all development work performed by Bobbi Fox.


  • Ability to turn 'publish' off/on individually for all notes (if not filled in: default to resource's publish switch)
  • Ability to import agents in as creator, source, and subject, with all available relators, and not just as creators. (If empty/missing, default is 'creator', as it is now)
  • Ability to add more agents per object by extending the spreadsheet
  • Ability to import more than one date per object
  • Ability for an archival object to have multiple physical instances
  • Ability for an archival object to have multiple extents

To take advantage of these features, you must use an extended version of the Excel Spreadsheet template.

There is extensive User Documentation describing use of the template and the new features.

This version is backward compatible; you may continue to use the original spreadsheet template for those occasions where your workflow doesn't need these enhancements.

The release can found at

In GitHub speak, this is a "fork" (deviation) from the original aspace-import-excel plugin maintained by the Harvard Library.

We have issued a GitHub "pull request" -- a request that these changes be integrated into the Harvard Library repository -- so that any further work be concentrated in one repository.  If that request is successful, another message will be sent. In the meantime, if you need technical help or notice a problem, please email


Adrienne Pruitt, Tufts University Digital Collections and Archives

Bobbi Fox, maintainer of aspace-import-excel

Adrienne Pruitt | Collections Management Archivist

Digital Collections and Archives

Tufts University |617-627-0957


Please contact Atlas Systems at if you would like to install this plugin on your hosted ArchivesSpace system.




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