ArchivesSpace Release Candidate v. 2.7.0-RC1 Available

Hello everyone,

There is a new release candidate version of ArchivesSpace available for review.

Please see this message from Jessica Crouch of ArchivesSpace:


The ArchivesSpace team is pleased to announce a release candidate, v2.7.0-RC1. You can download it at or test it out without downloading at (username admin /password admin).

This release candidate contains program-led and community pull requests that provide feature enhancements, bug fixes, and documentation updates, as well as a number of infrastructure improvements, which were a significant focus of this release. This release candidate contains two larger areas of feature enhancement. One relates to recording information about language of description and materials to facilitate better standards compliance in these areas. Some information about the new languages functionality is available at

The second major feature enhancement is that resources and archival objects can now be represented by Archival Resource Keys (ARKs). ARKs can either be generated by ArchivesSpace or created outside the application. Some information on the new ARKs functionality is available at

Thanks to the many community members who made contributions to the work reflected in this release candidate, including individual archives staff and developers, our Development Prioritization sub-team, Testing sub-team, and the Core Committers Group.

We’ll be collecting feedback through Monday, October 7. Please let us know at if you notice any problems with the specific areas addressed in this release, or if anything that was working before no longer is. Barring major issues, we expect to release v2.7.0 by mid-October.


Jessica Dowd Crouch

Community Engagement Coordinator for ArchivesSpace

Skype: jdowdcrouch


If you have a sandbox environment and would like to test the release candidate, please contact Atlas support at Atlas will take a few days to first test the update on our servers. Otherwise, you can follow Jessica's steps in the first paragraph for trying out the new version online.




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