New Docline Lua scripts for ILLiad 9.0.3 & 8.7.3

A new set of Docline scripts have been added to the ILLiad Downloads for users who are on the latest versions of ILLiad (v8.7.3 or 9.0.3). The script will fix the following errors:

  • Fixed compatibility issue between Docline scripts and specific versions of .NET 4.8 and the 1903 Windows update.
  • Fixed a compatibility issue where a Docline script error was causing a blank Account Type box to appear on the Docline Importing tab. Bug# 4111
  • The default Primary DeliveryMethod will no longer be auto-populated. Instead, it will allow Docline to populate its own configuration if using the default FieldTranslation.xml file. Bug# 4025
  • Fixed issue where ILLiad drops "x" value at the end of ISSN when importing from Docline. Bug# 4027
  • Fixed issue where Patron Name is not properly imported into the Docline request form if available with the imported Docline information. Bug# 4263

To update Docline, please replace your current Docline scripts with the new scripts in the C:\Program Files (x86)\ILLiad\Docline folder. NOTE: If you have any customizations to the FieldTranslation.xml file, please backup your current customized FieldTranslation.xml file then modify the new FieldTranslation.xml file with any custom changes. The scripts must be downloaded separately since Docline scripts are released on an as-needed basis and are not always associated with a client installer unless otherwise mentioned. 




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