Aeon 4.1 Release available

Aeon 4.1 is available as of today, 5.20.2019. Aeon 4.1 is primarily a security release to keep Aeon current with the latest PCI security requirements. This major version release includes support for better password encryption and password reset functionality in both the web interface and staff client. New keys have been added to the Customization Manager to allow staff to control both patron and staff password expiration, complexity, and uniqueness. This release also includes support for a new payment gateway - Cybersource. Please review the release notes for Aeon 4.1 here:

You can also view the release FAQ, which may be beneficial to staff to help answer questions about password changes:

If you are in the Atlas hosted PCI environment, we’ll work with you to get your upgrade scheduled within 90 days.

Please note that we will be releasing Aeon 5.0 in Summer 2019. This release will include bug fixes for all bugs on the Known Issues list ( in addition to several enhancements. This release will include new accessible and responsive web pages and an updated staff interface, among other things. If you are not using a payment gateway in Atlas's PCI compliant environment, you are not required to update to version 4.1 at this time if you would prefer to wait until 5.0 is released. All changes made in 4.1 will be incorporated into version 5.0.

If you would like to upgrade to Aeon 4.1, please email with suggested updated times. We will reply within 24 hours to schedule your update. Please note, as this is a major version upgrade, you will be required to use admin credentials to update your client(s).

Please email with any questions or concerns.




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