Integrating Ares and your Course Management System- How is it working for you?

Good morning!

I was just working with an Ares site that is going through the process of switching from Blackboard to a new CMS right now, and they’re hoping to find other sites that have integrated Ares with either Canvas, D2L Brightspace or Blackboard Ultra who are willing to chat about how it’s working for them. I thought this might be a great opportunity to share information about how folks are integrating Ares and their CMS and how that integration is going.

A few ideas to start the conversation:

What CMS are you using with Ares? 

Are you using a Blackboard building block or are you using LTI?

Any advice about the process of setting up the integration? Pitfalls or roadblocks to watch out for?

Do you have experience with multiple CMSs? Any clear favorites when it comes to integrating with Ares or other library services?

I know we have a lot of great ideas for enhancements in Uservoice related to integrating with a CMS. If you have a chance, definitely take a look and upvote and/or comment on your favorites! 

Thank you for sharing!






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  • Thanks for Posting Angela.  This is for us at the University of Southern Maine & UMaine System.  If anyone has any useful info about Integrating Ares into BlackBoard Ultra, Canvas or D2L Brightspace I would love to hear it.  We are Currently using Blackboard as our LMS and have integrated Ares into it, but we looking at the possibility of changing LMS platforms to one of then ones above.  We are currently in the RFP/Decision process and I would love to hear about your experiences with any of them.

    If you want to contact me directly, my email address is

    Bill Sargent

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