Batch edits in Aeon Client

Greetings All,


I think I know the answer but I'll ask anyway.  Is it possible to make batch changes to a series of transactions within the client?

For instance, could you update or batch change the transaction date, title or call number for a series of transactions without having to go into each transaction and manually update?






  • Hi Josue -

    Not yet. This functionality has been requested in several enhancement requests (one is specifically about Scheduled Date). Please feel free to add comments or vote on the below:

    We recognize this is functionality many sites would find useful and I look forward to any comments or suggestions provided so that we can discuss this in the Product Team.


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  • I'm pretty sure I've voted on this before but one use I just thought of where batch editing would be great is in editing things like locations, citation information, and other data to make the information in requests uniform. This would be especially helpful for requests that have been entered manually or for updating requests when information has changed. For example, we have requests for items in Aeon that were used before they were cataloged or processed and being able to batch-edit those old requests would keep us from cloning requests with outdated information.

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