Atlas Hosted Sites- Changes To Your Odyssey System ID

In preparation for future improvements to our hosted infrastructure, Atlas Systems performed maintenance on 4/9/19 for all Atlas hosted ILLiad sites. As part of this maintenance update, ITS replaced Customization Manager keys containing the server IP address with the DNS value. The OdysseySystemID customization key which is used to ensure borrowing requests are sent to the correct borrowing library requires additional steps to accommodate this change. The OdysseySystemID key can be located in the Customization Manager under Odyssey | Defaults.

To help make the transition from the old IP address to the new DNS value as smooth as possible, please see the list of steps below. Following these instructions will ensure all lending intuitions are aware of your new DNS and that you will receive any requests sent using the old IP address.

The change has an impact on all Rapid, DOCLINE, and OCLC borrowing requests received via Odyssey.

Actions to Take After Your Odyssey Address Has Been Updated

Please make the following changes/updates so that requests can be sent to your new DNS. We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause as it required additional steps on your end.

  1. Restart the client and electronic delivery unit (EDU) at all workstations.
  2. Contact Rapid at and provide them with your new DNS since Rapid uses the Odyssey address.
  3. Contact any other service providers or document suppliers that use the Odyssey address outside of the ILLiad request.
  4. Change your Odyssey ID in DOCLINE.
    1. On the DOCLINE landing page click the Libraries drop-down, then select Manage Library.
    2. At the bottom of the page under the Odyssey heading, replace your old Odyssey ID (e.g., 216.x with your Odyssey ID (e.g.,
  5. Check the Request Sent queue for any requests sent prior to 4/10/19 that have not been fulfilled. Contact the lending library and have them resend any articles you have not received to your new Odyssey ID. If you have any issues identifying the unfulfilled requests, contact and we will provide a list of requests.
    1. Change the Odyssey Address on the Lender Address form. The best way to locate the form is by searching the borrowing library from the Home ribbon.
    2. To re-send the article, have the lending library open the transaction record from the Lending Request group or by searching for it.
    3. From the Lending Processing ribbon of the Request form, choose Resend Request
Do not re-request the articles that you have not yet received, instead have the lending library resend the requests. Re-requesting could potentially incur additional IFM charges. 



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