OCLCRSC19 ILLiad breakout - Billing discussion

During the 2019 OCLC Resource Sharing Conference in Jacksonville, there was an ILLiad breakout session.We gathered into nine specific groups to discuss pain points and visions for the future. Each group had a moderator/note taker and the notes are provided below. If you have questions about the specifics, you can comment here and/or contact the moderator. 

The Billing discussion was moderated by Heather Black from Atlas Systems.


Better handling of reciprocal billing (ability to link to lender address record from the update stacks search form)

Auto-populate lender address record with billing category based on OCLC GAC in policies directory (e.g. LVIS). Or based on fees in policies directory record.

Ability to create invoices for replacement or damaged items. Include the ability to have multiple categories with different fees. Initiate from the client vs Billing Manager.

Associated workflows to track lost items in client. Keep statuses separate and not include in overall statistics.

Create invoices as PDF and not just a Word doc

Skip printing for $0 invoices

Integrate borrowing billing invoice tracking in client (invoices tab) into reports.

Ability to edit billing manager reports

Ability to re-send invoice after 30 days - if it auto-sent that would be even better!

Integrate billing processes into the client

Add fees outside of transaction/request process (e.g. membership fee)

Overdue fines for borrowing. Automate the charges and associated workflows

Reporting: list of copyright fees by patron status and department
Reporting: full billing report with integration of invoices, IFM, EFTS

Integrate groups in ILLiad with Lender Address record.




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