DOCLINE: Updated Scripts for Unmatched Odyssey Documents

We have released a new set of LUA scripts to better accommodate DOCLINE requests filled through Odyssey. This release fixes the issues with Odyssey documents not matching for the borrower and needing to be processed manually through Electronic Delivery.

While this issue is noticed on the borrowing side, it's the lending side that needs the new Docline script. It may take a while for all sites to get the new script in place too. So it will be important to have someone checking Electronic Delivery a few times a day to match those up and deliver the ones still coming in as unmatched.

To install the new scripts

  1. Navigate to this page:
  2. Scroll down to the  ILLiad Docline LUA Scripts section
  3. Click the 8.7.3 or 9.0.3 Download button
    1. A zip file will all the files will be downloaded according to your browser settings.
  4. Extract the files on your desktop.
  5. Copy and replace all extracted files to this folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\ILLiad\Docline
    1. You may need administrative permissions to replace the files in that folder.
  6. The new functionality will now be available in ILLiad's windows for DOCLINE.




  • Will there be a similar update for Illiad 8.7? Thanks!

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  • Hi Jenny

    You can use the same scripts for ILLiad 8.7.3. I'll update my post to make that more clear.

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