OCLCRSC19 ILLiad breakout - Accessibility discussion

During the 2019 OCLC Resource Sharing Conference in Jacksonville, there was an ILLiad breakout session.We gathered into nine specific groups to discuss pain points and visions for the future. Each group had a moderator/note taker and the notes are provided below. If you have questions about the specifics, you can comment here and/or contact the moderator. 

The Accessibility discussion was moderated by Ron Figueroa from Syracuse University.


Web pages - accessibility standards, will the new ILLiad web pages follow those?

Digitization - some libraries do this for disability services. High res scans, OCR portion. Syracuse does this. Textbooks and articles purchased by students, not library items.

AZ State has an in house disability service library

SUNY Brockport: student access - ILL req.
Custom doc type on the form. TN on book. Walk it over to us. Digitization of books they purchased as well. Routing rule based on Doc Type. Custom Request Form. Disability Services submits request on behalf of the patron.

OCR of ILL and Doc Del - why doesn’t the ILL system do this for us?

Searchability, data mining, machine readers.
Do it right, all PDFs need to be accessible.
Low vision vs. blind.
Text to speech readers

ILL institutions each need their own software :(

The users need particular readers

Distanct ED - sending items to homes




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