OCLCRSC19 ILLiad breakout - DOCLINE and Medical Library discussion

During the 2019 OCLC Resource Sharing Conference in Jacksonville, there was an ILLiad breakout session.We gathered into nine specific groups to discuss pain points and visions for the future. Each group had a moderator/note taker and the notes are provided below. If you have questions about the specifics, you can comment here and/or contact the moderator. 

The DOCLINE and Medical Libraries discussion was moderated by Genie Powell from Atlas Systems.


**Loansome Doc**
Official support ends July 1. But not allowing any new users to register now so really it’s been phasing out for a while. Some sites have created LibGuides to help LD users understand how to register and place requests.

It could be helpful if there were a tutorial on how to make status specific web pages for the LD people who are now using the ILLiad web.

LD users are accustomed to submitting multiple requests at once. It would be great if ILLiad supported that somehow.

Several sites aren’t sure that the PubMed connection to their ILLiad web pages is clear for LD users so they are currently having to type out requests versus having the citations copy over. They might need two links (one for university users that authenticate one way and another for LD users who have ILLiad auth).

Several existing users are missing accounts because sites weren’t billing until the LD users showed up. There could be a fix to help that.

It’s confusing for users to get Borrowing invoices and Doc Del invoices for the same username because for a LD user it’s all the same. Maybe a way to combine that billing into one?

Some users are exempt and should be marked as such so that billing is more seamless for staff.

**Borrowing Delivery Method**
It’s unclear how the delivery method preference is being set when requests are generated through ILLiad. Is it using the end user’s preference? Or the site’s preference? Or is it a default in the lua script for everyone? Also items that are book chapters may not have the option to choose Odyssey because DOCLINE doesn’t treat it like an article?

**DOCLINE interface**
It would be great if ILLiad could use an API and update automatically like it does for OCLC etc. Unfilleds are a very manual process right now and staff don’t know which ones they’ve handled or not.

Also, sites weren’t clear if they could use the Odyssey Helper (Electronic Delivery Utility) to update DOCLINE items because it may not update the items. So a review of that would be good.

Can Atlas talk to NLM and get the status of the API?

Importing from clipboard was not used often but because the import is from the web pages, if anything goes wrong at all for a large import, it’s impossible to recover. Is there a way to put that back as a backup plan?

The DOCLINE interface itself limits the length of titles when placing a manual request. There is no reason to do this as the title is important. Can DOCLINE increase the field size?

DOCLINE only lets you batch update 10 items at a time. Since ILLiad may have a long list of ILL numbers, this is tedious for staff to manage.

**New DOCLINE 6.1**
The account management in DOCLINE is odd in that it saves your login. This is handy if you use the same workstation with one user, but if the workstation is shared, it’s not easy to log out and log in a new person.

Sites aren’t sure if they are putting the ILLiad TN in the right place and therefore if the Odyssey matching is working. There was discussion that this was a bug but should be fixed now?




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