Managing Loansome Doc Requests through Its End of Life

NLM has announced the end of life for the Lonesome Doc service Consequently, DOCLINE 6.1 and ILLiad versions that integrate with the new version (8.7.3 and 9.0.3) will not have the Loansome Doc functionality. If you would like to continue Loansome Doc services though its end of life and continue to maintain tracking and billing in ILLiad, you have a couple of options.

(1) Keep One Computer on the Legacy DOCLINE
If you have multiple computers, you can consider keeping one computer client on the older version of ILLiad that works with legacy DOCLINE i.e. you do not have to update all clients, the older version will be functional. Nota Bene: The computer that is not updated would still have access to Loansome Doc in the legacy DOCLINE interface, but it would not have access to the new DOCLINE for processing regular DOCLINE requests.

(2) Manually Add the Request(s):
From legacy DOCLINE, identify the user and citation information, preferably PMID, from the LoansomeDoc request(s).

Open Patron Record
With user and citation information from the Loansome Doc request, look for the patron record in ILLiad.

On the Home ribbon, Search Users box, add email name and conduct search. If your LoansomeDoc usernames are an email address, you can use the email address as a search term in the Name field. (If the user is new, add a user record with the User button on the Borrowing ribbon and follow local procedure for user information.)


Create the Request
Open the patron record, click Borrowing or Document Delivery depending whether you will fill from your collection or request externally. 


Add Citation and Other Request Information
Click the Pubmed/Medline tab and use the search options in the ribbon to find the citation. You can search quickly by PMID, but other searching options are available. When you have identified the correct citation, select it from the list and click Import Citation. This will copy the citation information to the ILLiad request.


Add other necessary information that you need for processing such as Billing Account. You may want to add LoansomeDoc to the Cited In field. Click the Save button in the top left corner of the form. 


You can now process as normal for Doc Del or Borrowing. 

Return to DOCLINE to update the LoansomeDoc request.




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