DOCLINE Lending: Workaround for Requests not Imported to ILLiad

If you accidentally used the internal DOCLINE buttons to receipt a DOCLINE request and you want to be able to track that request for billing and statistical purposes in ILLiad, you will need to add that request manually.

Here are the steps for that process:

  • Obtain the DOCLINE library and citation information. I recommend printing the DOCLINE request.
  • Search for the library's Lender Address record in ILLiad.
    • If the library is a new borrower:
      • Create a Lender Address record with the Add button on the Lending ribbon.
      • Complete the essential library information (Symbol, Library Name & Address 1 are required) for your local records.
      • Save with the icon in the top left of the Lender Address record.
  • From the Lender Address record, select Add Request
    • A blank ILLiad form will open
      • Add basic citation information 
        • Click the Pubmed/Medline tab and use the search options in the ribbon to find the citation. You can search quickly by PMID, but other searching options are available. When you have identified the correct citation, select it from the list and click Import Citation. This will copy the citation information to the ILLiad request.
      • Change the System ID is DOC
      • Add DOCLINE request number  to the ILL Number field
  • Click Save icon in the top left of the request
  • Search for item in your collection and process to deliver as normal
    • You will need to use the Send via Article Exchange option rather than Odyssey.
  • From the Lending Ribbon, select Update Docline Requests
    • Add the Docline numbers manually in the batch processing window. The Paste Yes/Paste No options will not work for these requests.


REVISION 03/08/2019

DOCLINE scripts released on 3/8/2019 will keep the DOCLINE request from opening in a separate window. Directions for installing those new scripts are here: 



  • Official comment

    Hi Doug, thank you for asking about this.

    This error comes up when the 8.7.2 or higher version ILLiad client is looking for the ExternalUserIdMapping field that was added during the 8.7.4 server update. This means that the client version you're running is too high of a version for your server. You'll either need to uninstall the client and reinstall at v8.7 or you can update your ILLiad server to at least the 8.7.4 release. 

    The ILLiad downloads page has the 8.7 client if you need to uninstall 8.7.3 and reinstall 8.7: 

    Thank you,


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  • When clicking the Add Request button I get the following error  "An error occurred trying to create a new request for this user (Invalid column name 'ExternalUserIdMapping')  I can't add the request this way.

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  • Hey Doug

    I've created a support ticket on your behalf for this issue. Someone from our support group will be in touch. 

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