ILLiad 9.0.3 & 8.7.3 Integration with DOCLINE 6.1 FAQ

Atlas Systems is planning to release ILLiad client updates to versions 8.7.3 and 9.0.3 on March 1st, 2019 with integration for Docline 6.1. We appreciate all the feedback and questions we have received so far from the ILL community. In anticipation of some of the other questions you may have, we devised a list of update FAQs. If there are any additional questions you may have that you don’t see on the list, feel free to leave a comment below or contact and we will be glad to answer.

Staying Up-to-date on ILLiad 

Is there a newsletter or announcements that I can subscribe to in order to stay informed on ILLiad updates and changes?

NIH has released a bulletin outlining the details of the DOCLINE update. You can access the bulletin here:

You can stay up-to-date on ILLiad information by joining our Access services newsletter list here:

You can also subscribe to follow the ILLiad Best Practices Community where you can see news articles, best practices, and even post your own questions. Just go to and click the following drop-down to receive email notifications for New Posts or New posts and comments. You may also follow individual articles.

Updating ILLiad to Version 9.0.2 and 8.7.3

Will I be able to use ILLiad with the new DOCLINE 6.1?

Yes, you will just need to update your client version to 9.0.2 or 8.7.3 to use the new DOCLINE 6.1.

When will the release be available?

The ILLiad client update will be released on Friday, March 1st, 2019 in preparation for the DOCLINE release Monday, March 4th, 2019.

Can I use ILLiad 8.7.0 with the new DOCLINE 6.1?

Unfortunately, DOCLINE 6.1 is only supported in client versions 8.7.3 and 9.0.2. We recommend contacting your ILLiad service provider (Atlas or OCLC) and scheduling a server update to the latest version of ILLiad if you wish to utilize the functions of DOCLINE 6.1.

If I decline the update on my client, will it still work with the old DOCLINE?  It would still work for Loansome DOC as long as NLM leaves that functionality in place but regular requests will not go through.

Will I need administrator privileges to install my client update?

For ILLiad client 9.0.x it will not require admin privileges to update. For 8.7.2, our tests did not prompt for elevated credentials but we could not be certain that some environments/setups would not.  If you are on 8.7.2, please let IT staff know that you might need them for admin privileges when updating the client.

Do I need a server update?

It depends.  If you are on version 8.7.2 or later you are not required to update your server and can take advantage of the ILLiad client update on your workstations.  Your client will prompt you to download and install the available update the next time you login after it is released.  Client updates with DOCLINE 6.1 integration will be available for ILLiad versions 8.7.2 and higher.  If you are on 8.7.0 or 8.7.1 you will need to schedule a server update.  To update your server, OCLC-hosted customers should contact Locally-hosted installations should contact your local server administrator. Atlas-hosted customers can make the request to


How will I login to DOCLINE 6.1 in ILLiad?

For security purposes, DOCLINE now requires individual credentials using a Google or PayPal account.

How do I obtain the new individual credentials for DOCLINE?

You’ll need to create a user login with Google Accounts. We recommend using your already existing work email for the registration email. For a more detailed explanation on setting up a Google Login see NLM’s video tutorial:

What do I do if I can't get DOCLINE to open inside of ILLiad with the new google login?

1. Open an internet explorer browser
2. Go to Google
3. Use the Sign on button in the upper right portion of the screen to login to Google
4. Leave the IE session with the Google login open

ILLiad should now open Docline successfully on this terminal. If this issue persists after following these steps, please contact your ILLiad service provider for support.

Loansome Docs

Will ILLiad still support Loansome Doc?

DOCLINE 6.1 doesn't support Loansome docs due to decrepitated functions. Since the new ILLiad update supports DOCLINE 6.1, this feature is no longer available.

NLM will retire Loansome on July 1st, 2019.

What do we do about Loansome DOC?

If you would like to continue Loansome Doc services through its end of life and continue to maintain tracking and billing in ILLiad, please see Managing Doc Requests through to the End of Life.

For more information to help with this transition, please see NLM’s Loansome Doc Retirement Toolkit at:

If I decline the update on my client, will it still work with the old DOCLINE?  

If you leave one client setup without the update, it will still work with old Loansome Doc on the old DOCLINE website until NLM retires it or makes a change that leaves it incompatible with ILLiad 8.7.2. However, regular DOCLINE requests will no longer go through the ILLiad client version 8.7.2.


Where is the Atlas Systems video on the update located?

Stephanie Spires, the Chief Operations and Service Officer and ILLiad Product Lead, created a tutorial on the ILLiad changes for the DOCLINE 6.1 integration. You can find the video in the Virtual Training Library:

Are there any other video tutorials?

Please check out Atlas' Video Training Library (VTL) for videos on the lending importing and lending updating process. You can find these videos here:

NLM has created an array of DOCLINE 6.1 videos to include the new borrowing and lending process, logging into DOCLINE, etc. You can find these videos on NLM’s support site:

General Questions

Where can I find documentation on the new changes?

Atlas has added 6 new articles to the Atlas Support Landing page documents at on the following topics:

Borrowing DOCLINE Requests

DOCLINE Configuration

DOCLINE Reasons for No

FieldTranslation.xml File Changes

Importing Lending Request

Updating DOCLINE Lending Request

How do I complete transactions that are still active in the old version of DOCLINE?

Since ILLiad only supports the new version of DOCLINE, you will need to log into the legacy version of DOCLINE via the web to update any outstanding DOCLINE requests.

What are the new FieldTranslation.xml file changes?

The new default changes to the FieldTranslation.xml file include the following:

Support searching for multiple fields

Support importing to multiple fields

Removed the patron name from being imported into the form and replaced it with the TN

For more information on what these defaults do and how to implement the new changes, please see the FieldTranslation.xml File Changes article

Where is the import from clipboard button?

The import from clipboard button is no longer necessary since the import all requests and import and receipt buttons have been added to the client. The clipboard will not work because it doesn’t include the necessary HTML used to retrieve individual fields.

Why are my new DOCLINE lending requests not being imported into ILLaid after I have already receipted them? 

When importing requests, only use the buttons on the ILLiad client ribbon and not the buttons in the DOCLINE HTML page. If you click on a button in the DOCLINE HTML page such as the 'Receipt Request' button, your requests WILL NOT be imported into ILLiad.

Is there a way to manually enter requests from DOCLINE, incase I accidentally use the internal DOCLINE buttons to receipt a request?

Yes, please see DOCLINE Lending: Workaround for Requests not Imported to ILLiad for step-by-step instructions.

What do I do if my reasons for cancellation are not mapping to the new DOCLINE reasons for no.

You can manually update the reasons for cancellation to the abbreviations on the LendingReasonsForCancellation tale located in the Customization Manager. For a list of the new changes, see the DOCLINE Reasons for No article:




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