Atlas' ArchivesSpace Service FAQ

Below are the frequently asked questions about ArchiveSpace hosting services and Atlas Systems' responses. If you have any additional question that you don't see on this list, please leave a comment below and we will be happy to add it to the list. Thanks!

Migration and Data Mapping

Do you offer support for Crystal reporting? If so, can we get access to the back end - whether to run reporting tools against it or to use the API?

Upon request, we can create a read-only database user that you can use to run whatever tools you want against it (access restricted by IP address). Atlas can also set up API access for Standard or Enterprise level packages.

Note: You, as the user, are responsible for how you utilize API, including creating and running scripts.

What access to the data would we have? Would we be able to access the server via SSH client?

Upon request, Atlas will create read-only access to the production database; however, if you have Enterprise we will create read-only and/or read-write access to the sandbox database.

By default, server access is not provided to the production server. If Enterprise, upon request, we will create limited access to the sandbox server via SSH (access restricted by IP address).

Sandbox Enviornment

Is a Sandbox environment provided?

Yes, it's provided for the Enterprise level package.

How often is the data in the Sandbox refreshed with Production data?

We do not refresh the data at regular intervals. Data on the Sandbox server can be refreshed with production data upon request.

How would an upgrade work? Is the Sandbox updated first, before Production?

An upgrade would be requested by the customer; Atlas does not perform automatic upgrades (unless it was the Basic package). If the customer purchases the Enterprise level, then the sandbox will be updated upon the customer's request.

If Enterprise, we will proactively update Sandbox first.

Is there a time period between when Sandbox and Production are updated? Do we have any control over that time period? For example, can the time period be adjusted if we see issues with an upgrade that are problematic for use?

You as the customer will be able to make your own schedule, by request, for when the sandbox is upgraded as well as when the product is upgraded. Please note that we are flexible with scheduled upgrades provided that ITS is available. 

Is there downtime when the system is upgraded? What control do you have over upgrades?

Our standard is to allow for 3 hours downtime for upgrades, although it usually does not take that long. Upgrades are controlled and released by ArchivesSpace. After upgrades are released, Atlas tests them on our own servers, then sites can schedule their upgrade. We support the two most recent versions on our hosted servers.

What plans do you provide for backup/disaster recovery purposes?

Backups are created on the virtual machine level by on a daily and weekly schedule and checked for success. In addition, we will create a backup on an as-needed basis (for example, just before an ArchivesSpace update). We also create multiple backups of the ArchivesSpace config and database throughout the day. These backups are kept for two weeks.


How do you tweak the PUI and when you upgrade are your customizations brought over?

Initially, we can tweak the PUI to add a logo and make changes that are included within the capabilities of the default ArchivesSpace PUI. You have the option to create plugins for any customization you need that fall outside of the default ArchivesSpace PUI plugin. Even though we don't assist with creating custom plugins, we may coordinate with you on any changes required to upgrade the system successfully.

Do you perform regular Solr index rebuilds, without having to re-install/upgrade the application? If so, how often does the hosting service perform re-indexing? Is it on a weekly basis?

No, we do not. We only re-index upon customer request or if we see that it could resolve an issue.

Are custom ArchivesSpace plugins supported? Can you help us write our own plugins? Do you have a public library that we can draw upon to import plugins?

Atlas does not currently assist with writing plugins or provide technical/how-to support. Atlas will work with you to install/implement plugins per your site's specifications, but we are not responsible for the maintenance/updates of custom or community plugins. If you purchase Enterprise, we will install plugins on the sandbox server first for your own testing. Then, upon request, we would install on the production server. 

Atlas does not maintain a repository of third-party plugins, but there are a number of freely available plugin repositories online. Here is one example:


Is technical support included in the cost of the hosting service? How is the support service? What types of training and documentation does the hosting service provider?

Support service is wonderful! The support is included for Standard and Enterprise level, via phone and e-mail. We have online documentation and videos.

Do you provide any assistance in customizing the ArchivesSpace PUI (public user interface) and is that included in the cost of the hosting service or does it cost extra? How much assistance do we provide with this?

We can tweak the PUI to add a logo and make changes that are included within the capabilities of the default ArchivesSpace PUI at no additional cost. We will not create plugins for any customization needs that fall outside of the default ArchivesSpace PUI plugin.

Does the cost of hosting increase as your amount of data increases?

No, as long as you don’t exceed the allotted amount of space, 48GB. We can provide more space for an additional cost. Please contact Atlas for details.

Is an ArchivesSpace membership included in the cost?

Unfortunately, not at this time.

What additional services do you provide and do they cost extra?

Please contact for a breakdown of additional services and their costs. 




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