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The Aeon web pages have many different options for customization. Many changes require knowing and updating html code; however, there are some messages that can be changed in the Aeon Customization Manager. Status Lines are messages which display automatically to users after opening a page or performing a particular update. You'll find these messages on top of the page. Here's an example from a request from:

You can change these messages by locating the Status line in use on the page in the Customization Manager. From the Navigation Tree, open Web Interface and then Status Lines, then select the status line that you would like to update. You may need to look around a bit to find the one that you are looking for, but most of the names will give you a hint as to which where you would find it.

In our example above, two status lines display on the page. The first message is the SLShowRequest, and the second is SLActiveRequestsWithLimit.

All of the messages are written generically to apply to as many situations as possible, but you can change the language to best describe your policies or include particular verbiage unique to your environment. It's as simple as clicking into the Key Value box in the right window to edit the text. Once the text is edited, click the Save in the ribbon.

Let us know if you have trouble finding the status line you would like to edit or any other questions.




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