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We are moving to Alma/Exlibris and trying to connect ILLiad to Alma for ILL processes.  Alma connects on the username -- when we set up ILLiad, we allowed patrons to choose their username.  So there is no consistency in what people have used.  Is there a way to change their self-made user name to match the username that they use for all other University logins?  Username seems to be the one thing on their record that they can't change and neither can we.  Any help would be appreciated.




  • Hello Laurie

    ILLiad should continue to work just fine even if Alma is using your university credentials. Users would just need to enter their ILLiad Username and password to add an ILLiad requests (even if they have authenticated already through Alma).

    In order to use your institutional ID system to authenticate your patrons, however, you will need to do more than update your ILLiad usernames. ILLiad will need to communicate with the university authentication system. This means that you will need to change your authentication method in ILLiad from the Basic version to a method that will communicate with your university authentication system. You will need to work with your institutional IT team in order to determine which type of authentication they would like ILLiad to use (LDAP or Remote Authentication). The ILLiad configurations would be based on which type of authentication is selected. Because your server is hosted by OCLC, you will also need to work with them to implement the new system.

    You can find some initial information on the different authentication methods here:

    So back to your initial question about changing usernames--this process needs to be done by a database administrator. It is a project that we at Atlas can for you for a fee, but you might check with OCLC support to see if they will do it for you. They may do that as part of the authentication change.

    I know that's a lot of information so please let me know if you have additional questions.


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  • Thank you, Heather -- this is very helpful and much appreciated.   I will contact OCLC to see what our options are.

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