Aeon in Focus - Redesign of External Request Endpoint feedback

As a continuation of the conversation begun during the Aeon in Focus webinar on 12/12/18, we are seeking feedback from the Aeon community regarding External Request Endpoint functionality. This endpoint is used by the Atlas ArchivesSpace plug in and many sites who use external systems (catalogs, collection guides, etc) to send requests to Aeon.

Main questions/ideas:

- Improve processing time and overall user experience (focus is on the user in this redesign)

- Allow submittal of Notes to Aeon

- Enables opportunity for better "shopping cart" functionality within Aeon

- Will allow Atlas to make changes to the Aeon-ArchivesSpace plugin

- All external integration points should come in this way so that things like Scheduled Date and other data Aeon needs to know to submit a request can happen on the Aeon site (ex: submit data to Aeon and allow patron to set scheduled date or request photoduplication within Aeon).


Feedback from webinar:

- It would be nice to develop the "shopping cart" as a receptacle for all types of requesting, including from the library catalog so that requesting from multiple systems is a more seamless (and similar) experience 


- Will more fields/levels be made requestable through ASpace plugin (NOTE: this functionality involves the ASpace plug in, but Atlas will be making changes/enhancements to that plug in separately. Adding additional location/container information and varying levels of requesting planned for version 4.1)


Please add additional questions or comments below. As the development process continues for this feature, we will update this post or ask additional questions. Thank you in advance for your feedback!




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