Aeon in Focus - Improve EAD Processing feedback

As a continuation of the conversation begun during the Aeon in Focus webinar on 12/12/18, we are seeking feedback from the Aeon community regarding EAD Requesting functionality.

Main questions/topics:

- Allow more complete validation

- Better user experience - more dynamic approach to displaying Finding Aid to user; possibly show collapsed view and allow the page to load faster by just sending the details for the selection made (ex: if series are collapsed, send only data for a series that is expanded)

- Manage variation in EADs by creating templates to handle "typical" cases and then make exceptions as needed

- Cache EADs to look for changes since the last time it was loaded - allow for faster processing time for transform to load


Please add additional questions or comments below. As the development process continues for this feature, we will update this post or ask additional questions. Thank you in advance for your feedback!




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