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Is anyone else having trouble with automatic email delivery? Our system sends the emails, but new registrants are not receiving the email. I'm wondering if universities have upped their quarantining parameters for email, but wanted to check here first.


Rachel Dankert

Folger Shakespeare Library



  • Hi,

    Yes, we are also having issues with some researchers not receiving the automatic messages.  When we do get the bounce back, I will then copy and email the message from the "general" archive center email account.  We recently had a researcher's automatic message bounce back, and then when I sent it from the general email account, he then wrote to me to let me know that he did in fact receive the original, automatic message.  It is frustrating....



    Michele Beckerman

    Rockefeller Archive Center

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  • I'm not sure how widespread the issue is here at Harvard, but I did receive a report earlier this week that a researcher did not get a transaction cancellation email. Unfortunately, she came to the library expecting to be able to view the materials she requested.

    There was nothing on our end to indicate that the email did not go out as expected. It could have been a case of user error, but since it is hard to tell what happened, it does worry us a bit because we don't know how often this problem might be occurring.

    It's problematic to put the burden of troubleshooting technical problems on patrons, so if anyone has any potential solutions to try, we'd certainly like to know.

    Marilyn Rackley

    Harvard Library


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