Cloning Reserve Item - should pickup location be cloned or inherited from the new course?

Our reserves staff have encountered an usual situation, that could be a suggestion for a future change. We’re in the process of setting up a summer course with many (but not all) items being cloned from a similar course last year. Most of the time when cloning items, the two courses will have the same pickup location. For this course, though, the courses have different Default Pickup Locations.

Reserves staff noticed that the cloned items retain their pickup location from the original course, instead of inheriting the default pickup location from the new course they’re being cloned into. Would it be better for this field to not be copied over, similar to the Active and Inactive Dates?



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    Hi Mike,

    Thanks so much for the suggestion. I don't know if this is something that folks would want to turn off or on altogether, but maybe it would be a good place for an overwrite option, at the time of cloning. Were you cloning items or the whole course? If you were cloning items, were they part of a batch or were you doing them individually? Did you start the process from within a course record, an item record, search results, the web interface, etc? Do you know if a staff member has run into this issue before or if this is a one-time case?

    Also, off-topic for your Ares question, but I wanted to double-check and see if there was an issue with the Community alerts I'm getting. I just got the alert from this post yesterday, but under your name on the post, it says "1 month ago." Was this actually from last month? If so, I apologize for the delayed response and I'll start looking into why it took so long to send out the notification email.



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