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What is the better way to go for creation of these  new statuses/flags to items -custom queues or item statuses. I want these item status to display on the web

eg. NO copright required

Copright requried

Awaiting Copyright permission
Copyright request cancelled.


Faculty more and more are asking us to seek copyright for images and we want them to track the various stages of our process. eg. if an image is awaiting copyright permission for x amount of weeks, they will be alerted to find anothe image ...


Any suggestions/ideas are welcome



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  • Hi Vera,

    Custom flags are only visible in the staff client, which means you'd need to use the item's status if you wanted instructors to track this process from the Item Details page. An alternative option would be to use a custom email template to notify instructors when you were beginning the copyright approval process and then a notification when it's approved and/or cancelled. You could also combine this with a custom status, which could be automatically set by the email template, or a manually-added custom flag to help keep track of items outstanding after X number of days. If you used a custom status, you could create a saved custom search that could how you when things had been last changed to that status more than X days ago and weren't currently cancelled and/or copyright hadn't already been obtained. I made an example of something like this, below:

    If you'd prefer alternative functionality, please submit your idea to our Ares UserVoice section and we'll consider it for a future version of Ares. If you head over to UserVoice, please include examples of how you'd use the new feature and make sure to check out and upvote other ideas.

    Thanks, Kerry

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