Ares 4.7 is Now Available!

Atlas Systems is pleased to announce the release of Ares version 4.7. This latest version increases Ares' ability to communicate and connect with other programs through the new Ares API. Imported files for course and user loads now support PGP Encryption and data supplied in the course load document will be imported during LTI course creation. The new default web pages include calendar widgets, improved GroupItem tags, navigation through table rows, and an optional set of LMS-specific pages that reduce clutter and improve the end-user experience. The addon system now supports the Chromium browser and default MS Word documents have been updated to the .docx file type. For a full list of enhancements and fixes, please see the Ares 4.7 Release Notes and don't forget to contact Atlas to schedule your 4.7 update.



  • Thanks for the update. I've glanced at the release notes, and I don't see the enhancement that was mentioned at the last meeting - the ability to edit tags for multiple items at once IN THE CLIENT. Am I mistaken about that? If not that's a HUGE disappointment.

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  • Jennifer,

    I did see this comment on Monday, but was waiting to meet with our Ares Product Team yesterday, and needed to follow up with the Concierge Coordinator, trying to track down your reference about the "last meeting." Were you referring to the JHU onsite Concierge visit? We do have this idea in UserVoice (and your comment noted), but I'm sorry to say that this option wasn't included in the Ares 4.7 release. During the Ares Team Meeting, we reviewed possible methods for inclusion and it appears that the ability to batch remove and batch add tags would be possible, but there wouldn't be a way to do a "find and replace." If something needed to be edited, the original tag would need to be removed and a new tag would need to take its place. If you have a chance, it would be great to hear the "story" behind this enhancement request and know the types of situations you encounter that would make this option helpful. Every suggestion is appreciated, but those that provide background details increase our ability to anticipate alternative uses and connect various processes in the most meaningful way.  

    Thank you, again, for taking the time to post in the Community and please reach out if you'd like to discuss this, or future releases, in more detail. My direct phone + extension is 757-467-7872 + 221 and my email is


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