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I have a not completely thought-through question.

I was wondering if there's a way to send customized notices for articles that our folks have requested through ILL but were available online. Is there a way I could edit the notice as I'm sending the article? Or could we have a few standard templates and I could select the appropriate one for any given transaction?

As an example, sometimes our link resolver goes to an error page when trying to link to an article, but if you use the link for the journal's home page, you can still navigate to the requested article. So I wish there was a way I could send a customized notice to the patron so that they might know how to find something like that in the future.

The notice could start with, "Your article was available online!" and then explain how to find it (generally speaking), but also include a copy of the article.

Thank you!

Karen Buntin




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  • Hi Karen,

    Thanks for posting in our community form!  Your inquiry seems to be related to the email notifications generated in the ILLiad Client rather than the Odyssey Client so I created a support ticket and I will follow up with you via direct email.



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