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Hello everyone,

Here at Brock University we are increasingly getting requests for steaming video to support the curriculum. Often the films are not available on our existing streaming platforms (eg. Kanopy, Criterion).

Can you please share with us your normal process in obtaining access to these films- whether it be  purchasing streaming access campus-wide, hosting locally, or temporary permission to stream for one particular course?

Do you have a media specialist in the library who investigates media permissions/acquisitions, or does your reserve staff pursue the rights? 

Also, any tips on how to find and contact the correct rights owner (this has been very frustrating) would be appreciated.

Thank you,




  • Hi Elaine,

    I ran your post by our Media Specialist here at the University of Waterloo and she suggested the OCUL Video Community  as a good forum to raise these kinds of questions.  The group is run by Charlotte Innerd from Wilfrid Laurier University.  They meet once a month via conference call and share materials on spotdocs.  

    Leah Haisoch

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  • I can answer portions of your question.

    At Wake Forest University we do not host locally. We use Kanopy Streaming.  If the film can't be added to Kanopy we will purchase the DVD and place it on hard copy reserve. We have viewing stations throughout the library with multiple headphones or they can be viewed in a study room.

    We have a person in Acquisitions that pursues the licensing and access issues. Reserves staff does not pursue rights.

    Agreed, finding the correct rights owner is very frustrating. Not helpful I know, but we've found no good answers yet.

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