New Versions: ASpace Public UI Plugin and Client Addon

Hi Everyone,

New versions of the client addon and public UI plugin are available to test at the links below. Please review the documentation included before installing. 

PUI Plugin

This version added support for sending requests for Accessions to Aeon and added additional fields, including a field for record barcodes. (if your instance of Aeon is Atlas Hosted, please contact us at to configure this for you)

Aeon Client Addon

This version is a bit different from the original addon, as we incorporated much of the feedback we received to improve this addon. Specifically, this version added support for importing citation data for Resources, Digital Objects, and Accessions. We also added the ability to import specific instance information for Archival Objects.


As always, we are continuing to work on these integrations to make sure they work best for you. Please let us know if you have any issues or have any feedback about the functionality of these integrations.



Katie Gillespie

Aeon Implementation Consultant

Atlas Systems – Library excellence through efficiency

office: 757-467-7872 x232




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